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Volta Grand Prix is a forthcoming electric kart racing championship focused on three key points:

1. Make Racing Accessible

Racing is one of the most difficult sports to get into and Volta GP is changing that. Fans and participants alike, whether as drivers, team owners, or sponsors should be be able to come into the sport without spending huge amounts of money just to get a foot in the door.

Moreover, the playing field should be level and the competition evenly matched. Lowering barriers to entry and providing a clear progression in racing will make it better for everyone. A good format and clear rulebook help tremendously.

2. Discover the Best Drivers

Presently the top drivers in any given series are not necessarily the best drivers. They are the best drivers with enough funding. VoltaGP recognizes that the key to discovering great drivers is to draw from a larger, deeper talent pool than has existed before.

Racing could be doing a lot more to find and promote the best talent. And the way to do that is to provide a complete system where even someone who has never raced can progress from novice to experienced driver through karting, and beyond.

3. Electrify Motorsport

The future is electric - for both road and racing vehicles. Racing is an ideal environment to develop and showcase cutting edge technology to meet these needs. Volta GP is positioned to bring the thrill of electric vehicle racing to the masses through the use of purpose-built chassis, powered by electricity, and prepared to an identical standard once the key pieces described above are in place.

Volta Grand Prix was founded in 2008 by David Nguyen, automotive engineer and author of the Auto Manifesto blog.

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