Volta GP Championship

If you are ready to race, here's the place to do it. There is no other series that offers this much variety, convenience, and competition at such bargain prices. Everything you need is provided.

What Is It?

Volta Grand Prix is a competitive kart racing series in the D.C. metro area. There are 14 championship events each year. The first seven form the Spring Series, the last seven form the Fall Series, and the Overall Championship is made up of all those events. Each event consists of a qualifying session and three races for a total of 42 action-packed races per year.

How Does It Work?

All drivers race against each other but are ranked in the championship by weight class. Each driver's 30 best race finishes of the year count toward his championship standings to allow for missed events.

How Do I Start?

           1. Join the Volta GP MeetUp to stay up-to-date.
          2. Register for events on the 2013 schedule.
          2. Show up and race!

Don't miss another event. Join now and come race with us. Current members login here.

Read the complete Volta GP racing rules (PDF). More questions? Contact VoltaGP.

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