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MeetUp & Electric Demonstration @ Allsports

February 7, 2009 - Watch the clips below for the blue electric kart. Battery performance was kind of down (going bad?) and grip was low but still fun to drive.
Also, had a bunch of photos instead of video from (wrong camera setting) the third heat. Front facing camera not working right, so no video from that angle.
Lap times are posted here if you want to follow who's racing who in the clips below.

In the Hot Seat with Mike (rearward view)

In the Hot Seat with Kalyan (rearward view)

John Shim, one of the drivers in the inaugural VW TDI Cup, was around and had a chance to drive the electric kart.

Thanks for everyone for joining us and making this happen, and here's to many more races. Our next MeetUp is scheduled for February 28, 2009. Click here for details.

























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